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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

OMG again

Ok so yeah, I can attest that this afternoon's Ziff Davis unsubscription was not successful since I got the same damn email from the same damn people about the same damn thing to the same damn work email address. Duplicate. SPAM.

Guess I'll have to filter anything with Windows AND Games AND Magazine in it. Good going Ziff, way to create some brand awareness for your client.

On a related note, let me ask you Ziff-y-o, how's business been?

Ziff Davis is worse than a Russian Viagra Spammer

I like to quote myself, as well as talk over and over about the same old crap:

Previously in The Real World:

You see it takes 7-10 days for light to travel from one coordinate in the Ziff Davis Borg Hive to the emailing list coordinates. No wonder my request gets lost. It wasn't really lost, it was assimilated!
A bit of more Ziff Davis spam got past my "manual unsubscription" technique where any crap they send me goes directly to the trash. I've tried to unsubscribe for years, but as I have written before, that doesn't work.

It was sent without the words Ziff AND Davis and came from Games for Windows: The Official Magazine, a magazine I don't care for nor ever heard of. I know I didn't sign up for Xbox or PC Gaming crap coming to my work email address, but yet here is this mail.

Also, I did have a slight bit of paranoia regarding the spam they sent. It was signed by what must be my Ziff Davis Doppelganger Drone, Jeff Green, Editor-in-Chief, Games for Windows: The Official Magazine.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007 is a scam in my opinion

I don't know about you, but I don't appreciate the trickery at You've seen the ads..if you have never tried it, here's what to expect:

You go there and see that a number of names are available of people you went to highschool with. You go to click on a name and it allows you to send that person a message.

Hey! What's that name there... That's my old neighbor I grew up with! I'll send her a message! At no point was I made aware that in order for my message to be read, either her or I had to pay these extortionists a $23 a year subscription. Well I sent that message months ago and now I get a notification she wants to read it, but neither of us are 'Gold' members so she can't actually see the message they let me send. NEAT! What a great system! Bait n Switch for the web is what this is.

The email you sent can't be read, Jeffrey.
Go Gold

Let friends read it!
Activate your Gold membership now.
Once you're Gold, friends can read the 1 message you've sent. Even better! As long as you're a Gold member, it's free for them to reply, so you might get a friendly note back.

You'll also get access to these Gold perks:

See guestbook names

Gab on message boards

Plan events and reunions


So I'll never see what my old neighbor said because there is no way I'm paying $23 for less than 1k of data I actually care about. So Crista, if you are ever reading this, sorry, but that's just jacked and I'm not going to support that model of extortion. Unethical really.

These people work for Ziff Davis or something?