Some Ads.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thoughts I shouldn't be sharing., man.

I saw an ad. That's where you can get shoes that are made Vegan-Friendly or something. I think I have an open mind, but I had not heard of such a thing; I assume it to mean these shoes must have some kind of nutritional value. Makes sense. There's always that chance you could be on a desert island with nothing more than a volleyball and the shoes on your feet. And in that case, you can't be stuck there wearing shoes you can't eat, on principle, after all. "People are going to laugh at you." - You just know when they find you, they will eat your shoes. You might dismiss this new trend as we all have some shoes on our feet, but I can see it now: you aren't going to want to be the one at the party who only brought the shoes on their feet to pass around. These days you have to be considerate.

Don't think Vegans are the only people craving a good forkfull of natural performance footwear. The Omnivores have their own shoes, as do the strict Carnivores. This can only be because the Vegans have put their stake in the ground and declared an end to the one-size-fits all approach to edible footwear. Apparently all these people are picky when it comes to eating them some shoes. I don't see it as that and my mom would agree. If she knew about this, she'd say any growing person needs some protein. So, I'm not going to judge them if they eat their own Keds, nibble away at Mr Pumpkin Feet's new shoes, or scarf down someone's Crocs. (Maybe the Crocs.) I don't call that picky, I call that knowing what makes you feel good, and a big size 14 cabbage shoe would probably make a Vegan feel good. They need that. They can walk home in the rain puddles, take off those cabbages, rub their feet a little, and immediately munch away after peeling off the outside leaves, of course. You can't just go substituting your happiness in place of what someone wants. You certainly can't when it comes to their nutritional needs. You have to give them the shoes they want in their mouth, when they want it.

That's, man. Don't forget to ask about their soy-based socks and their open-tofu sandals.