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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maybe Howard Dean Can Be Someone's Surgeon General...

A Political Blog Post.
I try to avoid this crap on my blog because there are plenty of places you get your news and politics, but this one issue is a BIG one for me, so I want to vent... The points I am making are things I have yet to see mentioned elsewhere. This video should also be titled "My Family's Ultimate Reason to Not Vote McCain". First, watch it:

I'll make a few statements here in an effort to convey my problem with McCain's idea:
1) Waiting for a medical problem to get so bad that you can go to the emergency room does not equate to good health care. However, many people are forced to take this route because they have no other options. Yes, they get a choice, expensive Emergency Room care that they will likely never be able to pay back, or suffer. If you were in that position tell me you would rather suffer just to not have some unseen "someone else" pay your emergency bills? Convince me I'm wrong if you want.
2) The same type of people who complain that Walmart is destroying the small businesses in every community would hypocritically see this idea as a good one. But they are also the ones that don't want universal government health care because they fear they will have to go to a Dr. the government tells them to go to. They want their fancy doctors with a "I got mine, too bad for you, loser" attitude. Because, in their mind, not everyone deserves the absolute best medical attention. A sort of "I am not my brother's keeper" philosophy. Convince me I am wrong.
3) Doc In A Boxes - You know, the Redi-Med offices, and those sorts of places - are a lot of people's only option for common, but non-emergency warranting health problems. We have this sort of idea McCain is talking about right now, but competitively. Why then does it make sense to him to be basically proposing that one company be given a monopoly to dispense health care. Convince me I am wrong.
4) Even if I suspend disbelief in this idea and try to let him convince me by brainwashing myself with it on repeat, he comes off as not knowing what the hell he's talking about.

Here's an idea! McCain should just propose the average person pay for this Walmart Emergency Room Service with food stamps! Then you can choose between this awesome minimal healthcare for Sally's broken arm, or food for all of your kids....CHOICES!

Convince me I am wrong. Oh and try to do it without mentioning the words Republican or Democrat, because that will automatically mean to me that you are looking at this with a closed partisan mindset.