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Monday, October 16, 2006

This blog less healthy than water, but more refreshing than lava

I just took popped in my blog's address into the blog-juice calculator. I scored:
My Blog Juice

Welp. Thats a day hard at work, I was shooting for 0.1 and I guess I doubled my expectations.

Friday, October 06, 2006

trying some things out, again

This time, I tried Gcast. Oddly, if you are going to make a call-in podcast website it must begin with the letter G and end with cast. I wonder if Gcast and Gabcast ever get mixed up. Anyway, the most bang for my free buck is Gcast. Why? Well I do like the feature of conference calling handled by Gabcast, but my phone has 3-way calling so its not like I'm losing a feature. Something I didn't like about Gabcast was when they gave me the code for my web page, they forgot a tag somewhere near the end. If you weren't able to read computerese, you probably wouldn't know how to fix that.

As far as let-downs go for Gcast, there doesnt seem to be many I care about. I don't think I can link to a specific episode, but that's, ok. Clicking through to their page for me on their site you can listen to separate episodes. Their little flash player you see below only shows the latest podcast. Gcast also adds a step between recording and publishing, but I think that's only a minor inconvenience. I just tested browsing to their website from my phone, and was able to successfully login and manage my account from it, so that saved that inconvenience from being a showstopper. Seems I can also upload el-random-mp3-from-my-phone. Neat. However, they should make that page a little more mobile friendly in my opinion. I hate scrolling on a small screen. Gcast also allows me to make the player a number of different styles, which should earn it some points for those who need things pretty.

So I'm going to use Gcast, despite the fact I'm not a G. (I think G stands for Garage, this place is run by, a mp3 podcast site.) Also, what I like is that I can upload an MP3 to this in lieu of my voice, which I may actually do when I get a rare or weird song to share with y'all.

In other news, I downloaded the new Firefox 2.0 RC2-something-or-other. I like the newish buttons, and as I write this, it's spell checking for me. It's also handling RSS feeds/Live Bookmarks better than before. That's pretty cool.

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Trying some things out

This was done calling in to a 800 number, putting in my channel #, a password, and talking. This place also lets you do a conference call podcast, so like, I could call this, have Myra call this, then record our extremely exciting conversations (hey, Myra is exciting enough for both of us to appear exciting)...and then slap it on our blogs.

I will be doing the same with another free provider to figure out which works best and which I like better. I might even tell you which one wins.

And yes, my first ever podcasting into the internets is me babbling almost non-coherently. Mom would be proud! Win!

Gabcast! apathetic recordings #1

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


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